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Winter Wheels and Tyres

Alloy Wheel World will be offering a range of Winter Tyres and Wheels. Winter wheels are an additional set of Alloy or Steel Wheels fitted with Winter Tyres which you use during the Winter months, they are more durable , easier to clean and resist salt, sand and stone chipping.

We will be supplying a selection of the better winter tyres from the leading European manufacturers. The wheel and tyre combinations we will have available are direct from European manufacturers and have been used in mainland Europe for many years where winter tyres are a requirment so the technology and packages we'll offer are well proven.

Stay Safe this winter . . .

Winter tyres significantly improve grip and reduce stopping distances in temperatures that drop below 7 degrees Celsius because, unlike normal driving tyres, they have far better resilience to cold weather due to differnet rubber copounds and harden less in colder temteratures. This enables them to maintain better traction in low temperatures as well as in the wet and on snow, slush and ice. Tests found that stopping distances were reduced by 4.8 metres on wet roads and 11 metres on icy roads when travelling at 20mph. Winter tyres are not compulsory in the UK but are becoming a growing trend among those who have seen the benefit of having them or those who want to keep thier summer wheels in prisitine condition.

For all your UK winter tyres and wheels please contact us.