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Why should I buy alloy wheels?
For looks - In a nutshell, alloy wheels can improve the looks of almost any vehicle, from the smallest car to the sturdiest van. A better looking car not only means more admiring glances, but will also improve the resale value of your vehicle.
For performance – As alloy wheels are much lighter than steel, the reduction in the unsprung weight of the vehicle will marginally improve handling, improve braking response and reduce wear on the brakes, as well as giving a slight improvement in fuel consumption. If you want to significantly improve your car’s handling at the same time as its looks, then you have the opportunity to select an oversize wheel combined with low profile tyres for optimum performance. The more open design of alloys allows for faster brake cooling, which can help performance in challenging driving situations.

How can I make sure I get the right alloys for my vehicle?
In our tyre calculator section you will find all the information you need to find the perfect match for your car, but if you’d rather that we did the work for you, then just pick up the phone and call 08456 44 83 44 for no-obligation, personal advice. If you do order online, then you can do so with complete confidence, as before we process any order or take a single penny we will check that your wheels and tyres are a match for your vehicle, and give you a call if there are any issues to be considered.

How do I fit my new alloy wheels?
If you order wheel and tyre packages then the wheels will come balanced and with the tyres inflated to the correct pressure for your vehicle. We also supply new nuts and bolts and spigots if required, so you have everything you need to fit your wheels at home.
Fitting your alloy wheels and tyres package: First find some level ground and apply the handbrake, leaving the car in gear, then jack your car up on the approved jacking point. Support it with an axle stand, and chock the other wheels for maximum safety. Fit one wheel at a time, ensuring that there is plenty of clearance around the wheel arch, suspension strut and brake callipers. (If you are at all concerned about the potential fit, please contact us immediately on 0845 44 83 44 before trying to fit the wheels, as we do not accept returns that have been fitted to a vehicle.) When the wheel is in place, hand tighten the nuts, and repeat with each wheel in turn. When all four new wheels are on the ground, use a calibrated torque wrench to tighten the bolts to the manufacturer’s specified torque (you can find this in your car’s handbook or from the car manufacturer). Be sure to check the bolt tightness again after the first couple of drives.
If you have ordered wheels without tyres then we would recommend that you use a professional fitting service, as without professional tools it is difficult to fit the tyres without running the risk of scratching the alloys, and balancing will also be required.

How do I look after my alloy wheels?
You have made an investment in your vehicle, so it pays to do your best to keep your alloy wheels in good condition. Collisions with kerbs or deep potholes can cause damage, so drive with care.
Avoid using wheel brush washers in the automatic car wash, instead, at least once a week, we recommend using a soft brush or hose to remove brake dust, road salt and dirt, and then washing with soapy water. Avoid harsh cleaning solutions or scouring pads – treat your wheels as gently as your paintwork to keep them looking good. Waxing your wheels regularly with an ordinary car wax will help to protect them, and it is a good idea to give them a good waxing before fitting them for the first time. It is best to wash your alloy wheels when they are cool, to avoid soap suds drying on the wheels, and be warned that extremely hot temperatures, such as those caused by track racing, can permanently discolour some paint finishes.

What kind of guarantee/warranty do I receive?
Warranties are offered by the alloy wheel manufacturers themselves, rather than by alloywheelworld.co.uk, and will vary in length depending on the type of wheel chosen – please call us on 08456 44 83 44 for details of your chosen wheel. Please note that warranties cover manufacturing defects only – they will not cover damage caused by kerbs, potholes, stone chips, brake dust or heat from extreme speed such as during track racing, hence the importance of looking after your wheels properly (see above).

Will changing wheels affect my insurance?
Changing the wheels on a vehicle can count as a modification, so you should always inform your insurance company, although if you are simply replacing existing alloy wheels with a different design it is unlikely to cause an increase in premiums. Some insurance companies may insist that you fit locking wheel nuts, and these are available as an option when you purchase your wheels.

How long will my alloy wheels take to arrive?
If you order before 12 noon then we aim to get your alloy wheels to you by the next day, but please allow up to three days before contacting us. Delivery is normally to the card holder’s home address, and your delivery will need to be signed for. If you require delivery to your work address then do phone us to make special arrangements, but please be aware that additional security checks will be required.

How much do alloy wheels cost to deliver?
Shipping to most of the UK mainland is £15.00 ex VAT Shipping to the Highlands of Scotland is £35 ex vat Shipping to Northern Ireland is £45 ex VAT International shipping – please contact us for prices to ship to Europe and worldwide.

How can I pay?
Goods will only be dispatched when payment has been made in full. You can pay by credit or debit card online or over the phone. You may also pay by bank transfer (please call us for our bank details). Goods will be dispatched when the funds have cleared into our account. You can be confident that all online transactions are completely secure, as we use the latest technology to protect our customers.