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Alloy Wheel 101

Bolt (Pitch) Circle Diameter / Bolt Hole Pattern
Indicates the diameter of two opposite bolts on the wheel hub of a car, and how many bolt holes the wheel needs to fit the hub.

Centrebore Diameter
For optimum flexibility, AEZ uses reduction rings so that a wheel can have a number of centrebore diameters with only one centrebore hole (basic ring system)

is the distance from the mounting surface to the rim's true centreline. This measurement is very important as it determines the positioning of the wheel on the car.

Rim Width
is the inner distance between the two rim flanges. The rim width also indicates the nominal width of the wheel.

When strong lateral forces are acting on the wheel (e.g. when driving around curves), the hump keeps the tyre from slipping around on the wheel, thereby preventing a sudden loss of tyre pressure. There are a large number of different hump designs.

Key wheel indicators
e.g. 7.5Jx17H2

7.5....Nominal width (rim width)
J.......Size of the rim flange
17.....Nominal diameter of the wheel
H2.... Double hump (individual hump design)

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